TryHackMe: Cryptography for Dummies Walkthrough.

You can access the room through this link:

Task 1 :- Intro

I understand why cryptography is important! → No answer needed.

Task 2 :- Types of cryptography

What type of cryptography is more secure? → Asymmetric.

What type of cryptography is faster? → Symmetric.

What type of cryptography will a Bank site use? → Asymmetric.

What will you use to encrypt your messages in asymmetric cryptography? → public key.

What will you use to decrypt messages in asymmetric cryptography? → private key.

Does symmetric cryptography use two different keys for encryption/decryption? (yea/nay) → nay.

Task 3 :- What is a hash?

I understand what are hashes! → No answer needed.

Hint :- There are plenty of online tools to generate hashes! Link.

What’s the MD5 hash of “hashes are cool”? → f762d32e3c160900d94b683e927555b9

What does MD5 stand for? → message digest 5

Hint :- Research! Link.

Who created MD5? → Ronald Rivest

Task 4 :- Decoding/encoding

Hint :- There are a plenty of online tools for decoding/encoding Base64! Link.

Encode the string “cryptographyisuseful” with Base64 → Y3J5cHRvZ3JhcGh5aXN1c2VmdWw=

Decode the string “dGhlIHNlY3JldCB3b3JkIGlzIDogd2F0ZXJtZWxvbg==”. What’s the secret word? → watermelon

Task 5 :- Thanks for reading!

Note :- Always terminate the machine you deployed in this room.

Thanks for reading hope you guys like. Post your questions in the comment section below!



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